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August 26

Don't have any better title, so there we go. I'm currently listening on HeD PE, a rapcore band which is really awesome :) What's even more awesome is that I can actually make scratch remixes and such with my vinyls that I just bought ( And they are both awesome! ). Just got our first homework, not really a pain in the ass, only had to read three intro pages on our science book :D Anyways, that's about what I have at the moment. I'll update y'all if anything else intresting happens to me.
Well, me and my friend's going to do a short tour on the winter break in europe at different parties. It'll be great fun, all under 18(My friend were careful to pick these clubs, he's also going to drive me through all these different places, hopefully it turns out well). We're putting up a little list tomorrow hopefully, which cities we will be going with a little luck(Probably not gonna happen tomorrow, I have school and quit late).

Writer's Block: Knowledge is king

What subject you like to become more knowledgeable about, and why?

Astronomy and physics, just because those two are the biggest mindfucks ever existed in the world.

The player is back in the game again

Sup guise, after a long summer tour on some clubs DJ:ing, I'm finally back guys. School's just started, things have gotten a little hectic but I'm going to try and stay a bit active here as well. Tomorrow I'm starting up again, I have a "four days week", not five days as the old usual. Wednesday is my resource day, it owns :) We can basically do everything want on this day.


I know I haven't posted my story but I'll just face it. I've become a Runescape addict. But I promise to post it when I get time, and untill that time comes, I hope you all can wait. I haven't really done anything intresting today, woke up and realized I fell asleep very fast yesterday, which was kind of a surprise to me. I always fall asleep about 40-50 minutes after I've decided to go to bed >_< I took a cup of coffee but still didn't get awake, so I sat and listened to Bandit Rock radio station untill I felt awake and ready to start the day :)

Writer's Block: More than words

Which song lyrics send shivers down your spine and really hit you emotionally?

Killswitch Engage's The End of Heartache, but also 1000 words by Jade form the Final Fantasy X-2 theme.

Listening on Killswitch Engage

And their album As Daylight Dies. A really strong album in my opinion! I love the melodic riffs in End of Heartache and the melodic tapping shit in Arms of Sorrow! This is definentely my favourite album of them, and their bigg, heavy riffs have made the album a classic piece to listen on! :)

Writer's Block: Mind reader

If you were given the choice to read one other person's thoughts, but only if they could read yours too, would you take it? If so, who would you choose, and why?

I wouldn't. My mind is too fucking creepy, and my friends alike. I already know shit about them that gives me nightmares.

Hey guys

It is me again. What's up? What is happening? Are you all feeling awesome today? I'm listening through Enter Shikari's album Common Dreads today. Even if it was released a year ago, it feels like such a strong and classic album to me. It got the nicest tunes and above them all they are writing songs that are political and makes one think. Their best songs on the album for me is Solidarity, Juggernauts and Hectic. And the intro for Common Dreads makes the album really epic, unique and strong overall. Guess you could say I'd give the album a good 8/10 :)

Also, my favourite radio station have come to town! Bandit Rock! For you who aren't familiar with swedish raido and might want to try a new radio station filled with utter awesomeness and good rock music overall, klick this link:


Listen, relax, take a beer(maybe?) and enjoy the good music :)

Also, I'm finished with my story now. Only small adjustments on chapter 1 and then it will be up(I think).


So, I didn't party hard enough last casual friday but I promise I will make it up next casual friday. Fucking party hard guys! Aaaaargh! I'm almost done with chapter one so you'll see it here soon hopefully :)